Why the name H2O? 

There is something beautiful about water and its flowing nature which can offer a calming influence in times of stress and high activity. Water finds its own path and in many ways is determined in that path, these characteristics have echoes for what we are trying to achieve when helping people develop and progress in their work and personal lives - so the name stuck.

Why chose us? 

Successful culture change is brought about by the marriage of organisations like ours and the internal management function. We "light the fires" for change for individuals at their values and belief level so that they are motivated to implement new techniques or approaches back at work. We encourage the respective managers to review their team members implementation plans and monitor progress during their regular performance review session. This ensures that each person builds best practice into their daily work life with immediate effect and long into the future.

It is easier to do what we have always done which means that implementing new techniques can be challenging so we work closes with the relevant managers to ensure that they prioritise the post training review and follow up to maximise the return in the training investment. 

Clients engage with us because we quickly get to the core of their issues they face then propose training and coaching solutions that deliver agreed and tangible results. 

All of our consultants have held senior positions within industry so we have walked the talk. This allows us to flex any session that we are running to respond to any issues raised in any session, based on a good understanding of what your business is trying to achieve.

We have high Integrity so will Challenge at all levels to ensure rigour and understanding. We are Flexible and highly Responsive


1. Understand the issues, people and business culture

2. Leadership / Management conversation or development

3. Develop the team 

4. Review progress and recommend future development 


If we do not know you and your business then people just don't engage so we aim to understand your existing culture and language used within the organisation.


It is also easy to mix up problems and solutions, for example we are often told that "we don't have enough people" but adding more people is a solution to a problem so we explore what is behind this belief. We work hard to make sure we are fixing the right problems and then finalise our approach and agree measures of success.

Leadership and management 

Leadership support tends to be in the form of 1-2-1 coaching, consultancy and facilitating leadership meetings.

For wider team development, we recommend an initial conversation with the leadership team to understand their perspective on the outcomes of their training investment, whilst validating our methodology.

Management development focuses around many disciplines but at its heart is based on helping managers to "do" less and "manage" more. Not easy in our fast paced, always-on culture.

The first step in our approach is to make sure that managers schedule in time to develop the team and put the rest of the "things" that draw on our time around these pillars of success. 

Develop the team 

Our sessions are highly participative and work at a level of values and beliefs to ensure that people are committed to their development actions and plans. We use real world examples to introduce various topics and encourage each person to complete a SMART action plan which the managers and then encouraged to review. 

Our sessions are fun, engaging and challenging and we pride ourselves on having some of the highest feedback results from our clients.

Review progress and recommend future development 

At the end of any development, we normally produce a report and recommendations for the future. 

H2O Development is a Company registered in England  and Wales with the Company number 05170529 VAT GB 844 7874 79 Registered office 3a Sampuran House, Chistlehurst Road Orpington, Kent BR6 0DF

  • Mark Jacobs