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The sales role should be focused on building trust, problem solving and client value all of which requires on understanding (pull) rather than a product or service promotion (push).

We believe that when done correctly, selling is an art form and we are proud to help in the change towards a more positive and professional image of the sales world.

Why we do it
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What we do:

We work with senior management to understand the organisation’s drivers and initiatives together with their various goals to inform the subsequent sales development. 

The success of the sales transformation lies with the sales managers and directors so we help them to “do” less and manage more.

Sales management hit target when the team members hit their targets so the sales manager’s primary role is to grow their team’s skill, attitude and knowledge in their client approach. We then agree our respective roles in the development of each team member throughout the development and long into the future.

The sales team development is founded on consultative selling but with the appropriate addition of C-level sales techniques (challenging thinking, developing financial language, future visioning). Each session is contextualised towards the industry language and culture together with the business needs and the team in front of us.

Our global network of trainers have been in sales and management positions within industry and have the battle scars to prove it so our sessions are not purely theoretical and we flex the sessions depending on the situation we see.

We help the team to develop and adopt their own measures of success in their sales development which can be used by the managers as part of their on-going coaching interventions.


This improves the training RoI and helps to reduce the subjectivity in there managerial conversations.

How we do it:

Our global network of trainers typically deliver face to face class room style sessions and virtual sessions using industry known packages or our clients preferred choice.

We can offer sessions in:









For virtual training sessions we provide a suitable producer English, Spanish and Chinese speaking capability.


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Our contribution to the removal of CO2:

For many years, H2O consultants have flown around the world to deliver our training solutions on behalf of our international clients and this has had an environmental impact.

For this reason, we signed up to the Climeworks Pioneer scheme in early 2020 to purchase CO2 removal via Direct Air Capture technology. 

Climeworks is one of a handful of companies offering this technology and is required to remove greenhouse gases because CO2 remains in the atmosphere for hundreds of years. 

What else do we do?
  • C-Level sales packages

  • Sales and management coaching

  • Sales organisation structural design

  • Leadership and management programs

  • Facilitation including in Customer Experience Centres

  • Managing performance review conversations / difficult conversations

  • Team development

  • Presentation training (removing barriers to presentations)

  • Finance for non-financial people

  • Communication (behaviour) profiling using PRISM

  • Online performance review tools

  • CRM design support

  • Sales tools to help position complex solutions in an interactive way

  • Video / Audio review and recommendations of sales interventions

What do we not do?
  • HR development

  • Pay and remuneration consultancy

  • Recruitment support

  • Marketing development

Our Methodology

Understanding your business

Initially we aim to understand your business, goals, culture and language used within the organisation. This helps to contextualise the interventions we have with your teams.

We work hard to make sure we get to the core of the problem to be solved and agree measures of success before the start of any programme.

Leadership & Management

We work with the various management levels to agree their role in the development of the team (or teams) below them together with their requirements and measures of success.

Working with senior management is especially important when we are asked to help with culture change which requires greater focus from senior management throughout the process

Develop the team

Our sessions are highly participative and work at a level of values and beliefs to ensure that people are committed to their development actions and plans. We use real world examples to introduce various topics and encourage each person to complete a SMART action plan which the managers and then encouraged to review. 

Our sessions are fun, engaging and challenging and we pride ourselves on having some of the highest feedback results from our clients.

Review progress & recommend future development 

Where possible, we try to build in a follow up mechanism with the managers and teams that we develop as this has demonstrated higher return on training investment for our clients.


At the end of a programme or development session, we normally produce a report and recommendations for the future. 


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